Ferkel Johnson

Varieté Conférencier

und Clown





Maitre de Ceremonie


Ferkel Johnson is an acclaimed host, MC and moderator.

From varieté theaters to formal receptions, galas and panel discussions he is winning audiences in a wide range of settings and surroundings being entertaining and informative in German as well as English. But since Ferkel Johnson is a well experienced performer too he is also a guaranteed hit for late night club shows and parties.



Friedrichsbau Varieté Germany

Berlin Burlesque Festival

Rathaus Stuttgart

Pinky's Peepshow, Berlin



Ferkel Johnson has been working as a clown and comedian ever since he graduated from the Academy of performing arts in Berlin with a diploma in mime/physical theater. As a clown he has toured the world with his clown company DUO DESOLATO. Also he has worked and travelled with the Cirque Strlight in Switzerland and is now creating clown shows in his own circus

„Das Karfunkel Kabinett“

DUO DESOLATO since 2006

Cirque Starlight 2012-2013

Das Karfunkel Kabinett since 2015



Having played at festivals, circusses and theaters across the globe Ferkel Johnson has quite the skills to entertain and amuse audiences everywhere. His repertoire is varied and versatile with a great deal of visual comedy thanks to his training in mime and physical theater. But when needed he can make himself heard as he sings self written seemingly silly songs accompanying himself on the ukulele or his golden cigar box guitar.


Friedrichsbau Varieté Germany,

Circlown Festival Rodarà, Mexico

Festival Internacional Clown, Tenerife

Wilderness Festival Oxfordshire, England



Since 2011 Ferkel Johnson has been working as a burlesque performer. What started as a one time act has developed into quite a passion. Being called the „strip-teasing-circus-clown the burlesque experience became a journey taking Ferkel Johnson  to various burlesque Festivals, shows and parties everywhere between the baltic sea and the alps.



Berlin Burlesque Festival

 Munich Burlesque Festival

 The Dead Sexy Club Netherlands

 TTTwister, Lyon, France