In search of the human condition Ferkel Johnson sets out. Armed with his diploma in pantomime, a devilish smile on his face and a few tricks up his sleeves. He stimulates, manipulates and elevates his audiences through songs, scenes and stories. Ever since he was a little child Ferkel Johnson has been fascinated by tales of heroism, morality and catharsis. Questioning society as a teenage rioter, questioning authorities as a conscientious objector, questioning his origins when living and working abroad resulted in exploring his own mental and physical substance through the studies of Mime/Pantomime.
From then on Ferkel Johnson wandered the globe as a clown, a singer, a poet striving to be an artist.
2019 "Casino Royale", Radio Ton Gourmetpalast, Heilbronn (DE), "La Strada Augsburg" (DE), "Schaubudensommer Dresden" (DE), "Black And White Theater Festival Imatra" (with Kabaret Kalashnikov) (FIN), "Bohème Sauvage Berlin" (DE), "Gauklerfestival Adelboden" (CH), "Gauklerfest Rottenburg" (DE)

2018 "Burlesque Affairs", Friedrichsbau Varieté, Stuttgart (DE), “Circus Circus", Friedrichsbau Varieté Stuttgart (DE)“Buskers Chur" (CH), “The Dead Sexy Club", Groningen (NL), “Boomtown Festival", Winchester (GB),  “Mime Clown Theater - Tschuf", Langer Samstag, Chur (CH), “Kabaret Kalashnikov", Berlin (DE),

2017 “Milano Clown Festival", (with Duo Desolato) Milano (I), “Kabaret Kalashnikov", Berlin (DE)“Salon Morpheus", Theater Spektakel Zürich (CH), “Cabaret Bizarre", Sudhaus Basel (CH)

2016 "Affairs", Friedrichsbau Varieté, Stuttgart (DE)"Burlesque Affairs", Friedrichsbau Varieté, Stuttgart (DE),  “Karfunkel Karneval", MS Evolutie, Basel (CH), “Kabaret Kalashnikov", Berlin (DE)

2015 “Lost Circus in Kurdistan", (with Duo Desolato) Goethe Institut (KRD), “Berliner Luft", Ballhaus Berlin (DE), “Mime Clown Theater - Abgesang", Langer Samstag, Chur (CH), “A Night With Ferkel Johnson", Le Labo Berlin (DE), Treppenhaus Rorschach (CH), “Cabaret Bizarre", Royal, Baden (CH), “Das Karfunkel Kabinett", Staad (CH)

2014 “MC - Berlin Burlesque Festival", Berlin (DE), “Lost Circus", (with Duo Desolato) Incheon (KOR), “Road Show", (with Duo Desolato) Gauklerfestival Adelboden (CH), “Kabaret Kalashnikov", Berlin (DE), “Nonverbalists", Fuschl am See (AT)

2013 “Entresort", Cirque Starlight (CH), “La Cour - Les Saltimbanques", (with Duo Desolato) Schloss Köthen (DE), "Berlin Burlesque Festival", Berlin (DE), "Kleid - Kollektion der augenblicklichen Existenz", Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Basel (CH)

2012 “Balchimère", Cirque Starlight (CH), “FIC Clown Festival", (with Duo Desolato) Santa Cruz, Teneriffa (ES), “Aparté", Cirque Starlight (CH), “Street Theater Festival Darbandikhan", (with Duo Desolato) Darbandikhan (KRD)

2011 “Pantomime workshop for actors and students", (with Duo Desolato) Institute of Fine Arts Sulejmaniyah (KRD), “Kabaret Kalashnikov", Berlin (DE), “Konzept und Moderation der Open Stage Three Minute Hero", Ubahn Station Schönleinstrasse Berlin (DE)

2010 “Festival Circlown", (with Duo Desolato) Puebla (MEX), “Gauklerfestival Feldkirch", (with Duo Desolato) Feldkirch (AT), “Duo Desolato Tour", (with Duo Desolato) Sardinien (IT), “Kabaret Kalashnikov", Berlin (DE)

2009 “Strassentheater Festival Künstler und Meer", (with Duo Desolato) Scharbeutz (DE), “Strassentheater Festival La Strada", (with Duo Desolato) Augsburg (DE), “Internationales Kleinkunstfestival Usedom", (with Duo Desolato) Usedom (DE), “Diplom in Pantomime / Mime", Etage Berlin (DE)“Soloshow The Legend of Rancall McMurphy", Theaterforum Kreuzberg, Berlin (DE)

2008 “Strassentheater Festival Berlin Lacht", (with Duo Desolato) Berlin (DE), “Student at Academy for performing arts - Die Etage", Berlin (DE), “Duo Desolato Tour", (with Duo Desolato) (IT)

2007 “Moderator an der BLAU - OPEN STAGE", Berlin (DE), “Strassentheater Festival Berlin Lacht", (with Duo Desolato) Berlin (DE), “Student at Academy for performing arts - Die Etage", Berlin (DE)
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